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Three-time Emmy Winner Sarah Brown and Two-time Emmy Nominee
Alicia Minshew play Katherine Wesley and Sara Preston

Dear Bella Readers:

It’s been well over 15 years since I wrote my first novel, Never Say Never. I followed up with a handful of other books shortly thereafter, but my pen has been largely silent while I focused on the business of publishing with Bella Books.

Yesterday marks the debut of my latest publication, of sorts. The release of Beacon Hill the Series, a web-based scripted drama, is the creation of myself and my partner, who co-wrote and produced the script as well.

The project of Beacon Hill came about because we were looking for TV content that more closely reflected our own lives. Stories not unlike what Bella Books publishes. Stories with strong women at the core. Women who live their lives without apology. Women that we can root for and that we can fall in love with.

Once we wrote the story we wanted to tell, we recruited the talents of one of Hollywood’s pioneers of web series drama, Crystal Chappell, to help us bring the script to life. From there we put together an absolute dream team of cast and crew, with Emmy-winning actors, producers and directors all coming on board.

Filming the first season in Boston last Fall was like an out-of-body experience that I never in my wildest imagination thought I’d be part of - it was just plain incredible. And now just a few months later, the post production is complete and the first episode launched last week at www.beaconhilltheseries.com.

It’s my hope that fans of Bella and those who enjoy a good story that has lots of twists and turns - along with plenty of romance - will embrace this new adventure and come along on the Beacon Hill journey. I think this is a story you’re going to love.

-- Linda Hill


When Senior Massachusetts Senator William Preston suffers a stroke, his rebellious granddaughter Sara is called home to Boston. Once there, Sara finds that her ailing grandfather has a new wife barely older than herself, that her mother Claire is still hiding in her room with her favorite bottle, and that her brother Eric is playing nursemaid in between board meetings.

Sara also discovers that her ex, State Representative Katherine Wesley, is being mentioned as a possible Senatorial candidate in a cat-and-mouse game controlled by Sara's grandfather.

When former lovers Sara Preston and Katherine Wesley reconnect after six years apart, it seems unlikely that they'll ever be able to put their past behind them. And with the political turmoil, family intrusions and the press interfering, it may be downright impossible.

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Subscriptions for Season 1 are now available! Advertising-free episodes launch every week on Wednesdays for 12 weeks. Wherever you are in the world you can watch from any browser, phone or tablet that supports streaming video. English and Spanish Closed Captioning is available. Visit Beacon Hill for more information.
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