Let's Make a List of Stories from Down Under!

The commemorations of ANZAC Day, when Australia and New Zealand honor their fallen service members, have pictures of the breathtaking vistas of both countries flooding the web. Inspired, we felt like making a list of books that highlight the determination, beauty and strength of lesbians who live Down Under. We know without a doubt that readers love the lands under the Southern Cross as a literary destination.

We're starting the list with five titles set in Australia. We're sure there are many, many more! You can add those books you know of by either commenting here at the blog or at the BellaBooks on Facebook thread.

We're starting the list with:

  1. Lessons in Murder, the first Carol Ashton mystery from Claire McNab. There are sixteen more. McNab is also the author of the Denise Cleever mysteries set, in part, in Australia.
  2. Heart on Fire by Diana Simmonds.
  3. Training Days by Jane Frances.
  4. Julia's Song by Ann O'Leary.
  5. The Feel of Forever by Lyn Denison - just one of Lyn's many romances set in Australia.
What books would you add to our list?

Feel free to add any lesbian fiction book set in Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands area to our list! You can add them by commenting here at Women|Books|Bella, or commenting on the thread at Bella Books on Facebook. We'll do our best to consolidate all the input here to create a permanent archive that we'll publish in a few weeks. Can't recall the title? Describe it and maybe someone else will know!

Thanks for helping the cause. By the way, all the books on our list above are currently on sale at $7.95 for paperbacks or eBook editions. Bella's eBooks are compatible with almost all readers on the market including Nook, iPad and Kindle