Judy Grahn Award for Cordova's When We Were Outlaws!

The Judy Grahn 2012 Award for Lesbian Non-Fiction was awarded last night by the Publishing Triangle to Jeanne Cordova's memoir of "Love and Revolution," When We Were Outlaws published by our sister press Spinsters Ink.

The Judy Grahn Award recognizes the year's best lesbian nonfiction works and honors the American writer, cultural theorist and activist (b. 1940) best known for The Common Woman (1969) and Another Mother Tongue (rev. ed., 1984). It recognizes the best nonfiction book of the year affecting lesbian lives.

Universally praised by community icons such as Patricia Nell Warren, Sarah Schulman and Joan Nestle, Cordova's memoir captures the activist movement of Los Angeles, including the burgeoning lesbian movement. It is also a finalist for a Lambda Literary and Golden Crown Literary awards.

This is the time to pick up your copy of this historic book: through the weekend only, both the print and eBook versions are $7.95.


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