When We Were Outlaws Reviewed at The Bilerico Project

Jeanne Cordova's sweeping memoir of a young activist torn between her personal life and political goals has been reviewed at The Bilerico Project. Reviewer Patricia Nell Warren (The Front Runner) writes,
...The book takes us there vividly - to a time of protest and change whose effects on the U.S. were deep and transformative - so much so, that ultraconservatives have been frantically trying to undo the past ever since, as a part of their efforts to wreak their will on the country today. When the religious right organized in the late 1970s, they declared war on three big movements: reproductive freedom, feminism and LGBT rights... For LGBT people who care about activism, especially those young enough to have no memory of those iconic times, Córdova's "memoir of love and revolution" should be a must-read.