Lesbian Romance - There Will Be No Goodbyes by Laura DeHart Young now available

Liz (Buddie) Callow is a radio news reporter in Washington, D.C. These days, she is caring for her closest friend, Chris, who lives on a horse farm in Virginia and has never needed Buddie more—Chris’s health is increasingly precarious.

Accompanied to a gay rights rally by a homophobic colleague, Buddie interviews high-powered organizer Kate McGowan...And Buddie’s already complicated life turns a new corner.

Kate is alluring, charming, talented—but anguish from the past festers: a brother, dead in a boating tragedy in which Kate was involved...And, beautiful, dangerous first love Rachel, whose behavior in the past does not deter her plans for Kate’s future...

Buddie, somehow, must use the health of her own life to contend with homophobia in her job, to bring strength to Kate—and to Chris.

This potent, utterly believable story of contemporary lesbian life and love and friendship will touch you to the core.

Originally published by Naiad Press 1995.

There Will Be No Goodbyes by Laura DeHart Young
Lesbian Romance reprint
Available in Paperback and Digital Formats



Lesbian Romance/Mystery - I Will Meet You There by S. M. Harding now available

I Will Meet You There by S. M. Harding

When Win Kirkland left the Marine Corps Intelligence Agency after twenty-five years, she thought she’d left war behind. But a sniper’s shot through her front window soon ends the tranquility she’d been seeking. It also brings Sheriff Sarah Barrow Pitt—her one time best friend—back into her life.

For her part, the Sheriff has fought crime her entire life. But her latest battle seems to be keeping her own job in a deeply conservative area. She and Win were once close, until an unguarded moment profoundly altered their friendship. Now Win is in trouble—and doesn’t want her help.

As evils of the past and present threaten to engulf them both, admitting to their feelings might just pose the most dangerous risk of all.

I Will Meet You There by S. M. Harding
Lesbian Romance/Mystery
Available in Paperback and Digital Formats



Lesbian Romance/Thriller - Sculpting Anna by Venus Reising now available

After enduring a soul-crushing loss, Professor Lexy Strayer might be ready to love again. But she’s determined that when she takes that step it won’t be with one of her students. Anna Stevens, back in the classroom after ten years away, is interested, interesting and oh so appealing, but when she makes a tentative advance, Lexy rebuffs her. Not with a student.

Jennifer Gardiner has no such scruples. She teaches in the English Department too—when she’s not cranking out gory murder mysteries or jumping in bed with anything that has breasts and a pulse. Jennifer would be happy to take her friend’s place with Anna, but for the moment she’s too busy with a new adjunct instructor, the sexy and secretive Andrea Cole, a big fan of Jennifer’s writing…and her other talents.

Lexy’s brain knows exactly what she should do, but her hands haven’t gotten the message. Every nude she sculpts at her weekly art class looks like Anna. Maybe Anna would be willing to give her another chance?
Then Jennifer’s exes start to turn up dead in ways that copy her novels. As if things aren’t complicated enough…

Sculpting Anna by Venus Reising
Lesbian Romance/Thriller
Available in Paperback and Digital Formats