"This story is outstanding!" - FutureDyke at Terry's Lesfic Reviews

"The one thing [Leslie Burke] discovers that hasn’t changed in her new world is the human penchant for avarice and hypocrisy," sums up reviewer Terry Baker during her reading of Lea Daley's speculative fiction romance FutureDyke. Enjoying every aspect of the story's plot and character development, Baker writes,
Not only is this book well written and edited, it is a page turner right the way through... Just when I thought things were levelling out, the plot would veer off in a totally different direction. A real roller-coaster ride. Jashari and it’s people are so well described, I managed to immerse myself totally in the story and live alongside Leslie and Aimée.
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ISBN 9781594933943
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Lesbian Speculative Fiction

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Scholarly, Sweet and with Swords! - Daughter of Mystery at Chasing the Po

"The story was everything I was looking for," writes Chasing the Po's Cameron, after reading Heather Rose Jones's Daughter of Mystery. Like so many other reviewers, Cameron found much to praise in the story, including:
This was also one of the sweetest love stories I have read in a long time... When I began reading, I suspected that Jones would take us down the old trite road of an antagonistic relationship between the heiress Margerit and her initially reluctant bodyguard Barbara in order to heighten the sexual tension. But she didn't. She gave us something new - a genuine friendship built upon their shared interest in philosophy and theology.
The second Novel of Alpennia, The Mystic Marriage, will be released next year!

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ISBN 9781594933806
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Lesbian Historical Fantasy / Romance

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Lesbian Romance - The Midnight Moon by Gerri Hill Now Available!

It was only a fling. They went back to their lives, and it should have ended there, but this is a Gerri Hill story and you know there's more...

It was a fun, holiday romance under a moonlit sky. After exchanging passionate nights and only first names, Peyton Watts and Logan Weaver go back to their lives.

For Peyton, it’s a return to her steady, conservative social circle and the not unwelcome overtures from attorney Margot Joseph. Meanwhile, Logan’s free spirit is happy again moving with the college crowd.

So when fate throws them once more into each other’s paths, it shouldn’t mean a thing…

ISBN 9781594934100

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