Two More Stellar Reviews for Daughter of Mystery by Heather Rose Jones

"A wonderful book of intrigue and romance," raves Lambda Literary Review's Rita Salner after reading Heather Rose Jones's Daughter of Mystery. "Arguments over succession to the throne, clearing Margerit’s name, and finding the plotters behind the charges complete this well written first novel. Jones has done a wonderful job in creating the world of Alpennia."

Lepus Domesticus, the home of writer Susie Haberfield, compares Daughter of Mystery to Katherine Addison's The Goblin Emperor and writes "...If these are themes you like—court intrigue, questions of succession, genuinely nice and well-meaning heroes, and just a little bit of magic—then Daughter of Mystery achieves them all way better and much more satisfactorily."

Check out the free sample from Daughter of Mystery and find out why this sweeping story of an heiress, a duelist and a country in turmoil is turning up on so many "must read" lists!

ISBN 9781594933806
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Lesbian Historical Romance / Fantasy

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The County Fair Just Got Very Fun - "Fair Play" by Barbara Johnson at the Singles Store!

Barbara Johnson (Once Upon a Dyke) is well-known for her steamy-sweet, sexy short stories, novellas and novels. We've added another of her short stories to our Singles store today to tempt you:
"Fair Play" by Barbara Johnson
Against her better judgement, city girl Claire agrees to hit the county fair with her family. Feeling bored and out of place, she finally spies a woman she wouldn't mind spending the rest of the afternoon with...even if they do have to stay at the fair.
Other Barbara Johnson stories are "Shadow Dancer," and "Three's a Crowd."

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Lesbian Romance Hypnotizing Chickens by Julia Watts - Now Available!

Home - is it where the heart is, even when you said you'd never go back? Lammy winner Julia Watts knows how to make love funny and true all at once. This is another keeper from the author of Finding H.F. and Wedding Bell Blues.

Leaving home was the best decision Chrys Pickett ever made. She lost her rural accent, got a PhD and made something of herself, promising she’d never go back to her roots. But when your Nanny needs you and your heart has been smashed to pieces, promises are easily dismissed.

The loud, affectionate family welcome and simple Appalachian life—cookouts and church, chickens and dogs in the yard—are just what Chrys needs. Family is what matters. She doesn’t mind caring for Nanny...just for the summer.

What she doesn’t expect are unsettling family secrets—and being hit between the eyes with an intense attraction to Nanny’s physical therapist.

ISBN 9781594933967
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Lesbian Romance

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